Gressoney-La-Trinité hikes

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Lower Bettolina pass (2906m), trail 1

Level: E
Length: 4708m
Elevation: 1088m
Time: 3h15

Bivacco Gastaldi (2625m), trail 3

Level: EE
Length: 3598m
Elevation: 1000m
Time: 2h59

Bivacco Gastaldi (2625m), trail 3A

Level: E
Length: 5491m
Elevation: 259m
Time: 1h56

Obrò Hoptie (2370m), trail 3B

Level: EE
Length: 2400m
Elevation: 177m
Time: 1h00

Zube Pass (2871m), trail 4

Level: E
Length: 9029m
Elevation: 1315m
Time: 4h28

Gabiet Refuge (2370m), Trail 5

Level: E
Length: 6277m
Elevation: 822m
Time: 3h08

Gabiet Refuge (2365m), trail 5B

Level: E
Length: 2646m
Elevation: 146m
Time: 0h49

Col D’Olen (2881m), trail 6

Level: E
Length: 7273m
Elevation: 1159m
Time: 3h31

Mantova (3455m) and Gnifetti (3647m) refuges, trail 6A

Level: EE
Length: 6369m
Elevation: 1094m
Time: 3h24

Salza Pass (2882m), trail 6B

Level: E
Length: 4327m
Elevation: 539m
Time: 1h57

Indren Glacier (3288m), trail 6C

Level: EEA
Length: 2401m
Elevation: 357m
Time: 1h06

Springs of the Lys (2147m), trail 7

Level: EE
Length: 3304m
Elevation: 571m
Time: 1h44

Adler’s Nest refuge (2365m), trail 7A

Level: E
Length: 3338m
Elevation: 539m
Time: 1h40

Punta Telcio (2833m), trail 7B

Level: EE
Length: 8361m
Elevation: 1139m
Time: 3h27

Alta Luce/Hochliecht (3184m), trail 7C

Level: E
Length: 6398m
Elevation: 1355m
Time: 4h01

Bettaforca Pass (2673m), trail 8

Level: T
Length: 5400m
Elevation: 855m
Time: 2h37

Salero Pass and Lakes (2687m), trail 8A

Level: E
Length: 1997m
Elevation: 413m
Time: 1h13

Quintino Sella Refuge (3591m), trail 9

Level: EEA
Length: 9429m
Elevation: 1837m
Time: 5h29

Piccolo Rothorn (3014m), trail 10

Level: EE
Length: 5359m
Elevation: 1403m
Time: 4h11

Testa Grigia (3315m), trail 10C

Level: EEA
Length: 5854m
Elevation: 1689m
Time: 5h02

Trail 11

Level: E
Length: 681m
Elevation: 45m
Time: 0h13

From Gressoney-Saint-Jean to Gressoney-La-Trinité (1627m), trail 14

Level: T
Length: 7746m
Elevation: 299m
Time: 2h17
1StafalLower Bettolina PassE1840m2906m1088m4708m3h1501
3Ondre EselbodeGastaldi BivouacEE1635m2625m1000m3598m2h5902
3AGabiet RefugeGastaldi BivouacE2370m2625m259m5491m1h5603
3BJunction trail 3Junction trail 8EE2219m2141m177m2400m1h0004
4Ondre EselbodeZube PassE1627m2871m1315m9029m4h2805
5Obre EselbodeGabiet RefugeE1659m2370m822m6277m3h0806
5BPunta JolandaGabiet RefugeE2230m2365m146m2646m0h4907
6OrsiaOlen PassE1772m2881m1159m7273m3h3108
6ALys RefugeMantova Refuge via Salza PassEE2365m3455m1094m6369m3h2409
6BLys RefugeSalza Pass via Oreste's HutteE2356m2639m283m3113m1h0610
6CSalati PassIndren GlacierEEA2931m3288m
7StafalSources of LysEE1824m2417m571m3304m1h4412
7AStafal Lys RefugeeE1840m2365m539m3338m1h4013
7BStafalPunta TelcioEE1824m1828m1139m8361m3h2714
7CStafalAlta LuceE1840m3184m1355m6398m4h0115
8StafalBettaforca PassT1841m2673m855m5400m2h3716
8ASitten RefugeRothorn PassE2274m2687m413m1997m1h1317
9BielQuintino Sella RefugeEEA1780m3591m1837m9429m5h2918
10Gressoney-La-TrinitéPiccolo RothornEE1640m3041m1403m5395m4h1119
10CGressoney-La-TrinitéTesta GrigiaEEA1665m3315m1689m5854m5h0220
11Trail 10BTrail 11E1917m1872m45m681m0h4521


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