Local bus schedules

This is the document with the fall/winter 2023 schedule.

Bus transportation in the Gressoney Valley is operated by the company V.I.T.A. S.p.A. The line connects Pont-Saint-Martin to Stafal. Tickets can be purchased on board the vehicle.

In the “Linee-Orari” section of their website, the timetable is contained in the “Pont-Saint-Martin – Gressoney” PDF file, which is frequently updated.

Schedules are shown for the main stops, but in reality there are more stops: between Champsil and Stafal the official PDF shows only 8, but in reality there are 13.

Warning: if you google “gressoney bus schedule,” the proposed PDF document is not always the most recent.

Moovit's screen shot

Moovit’s screen shot

Without having to deal with inconvenient PDFs, there arevarious cell phone apps that make it easy to manage public transportation, and most importantly report the schedules of all stops.

Moovit is one of them, it exists for both IOS and Android, and it allows you to locate the nearest stop for free and find out the schedules of the next arriving vehicles.

Unfortunately, Google Maps does not yet handle public transportation in the Gressoney Valley.