Bivacco Gastaldi (2625m), trail 3A

from Rifugio Gabiet to Bivacco Gastaldi

The Gastaldi Bivouac

Trail 3A starts from Rifugio Gabiet (2370m) and arrives at Bivacco Gastaldi (2625m). It is 5491m long and the total positive elevation gain is 259m.
The approximate time for the climb is 1h56. The trail is rated of difficulty E.

Long trail, with a couple of ups and downs in between that don’t increase the elevation surpassed by much: only in the last kilometer do you go up, when you reconnect with trail 3 coming from Gressoney La-Trinité, and you have to overcome the same equipped section (the only technically challenging point of the entire trail).

For more information about the Bivacco Gastaldi and its surroundings, see the page on Trail 3.

1. Start and finish

Trail 3A starts from the Gabiet Shelter, the elevation is 2370m.
See on Google Maps.

Latitudine e longitudine (WGS84 - EPSG 4326): 45.8539624524, 7.84967116153

The arrival location is the Bivacco Gastaldi. The altitude is 2625m.
See on Google Maps.

Latitudine e longitudine (WGS84 - EPSG 4326): 45.8267628224, 7.85236876651

2. The route

This is the map of the trail, according to the SCT Trail Cadastre of the Aosta Valley.