Maccagno Pass (2493m), trail 12B

From junction 12/12C/12B at elevation 2364m to Maccagno Pass

Signposts at the Maccagno Pass

Signposts at the Maccagno Pass

Trail 12B starts at the 2364m elevation cross roads of Trail 12/12B/12C and arrives at Maccagno Pass (2493m). It is 735m long and the total positive elevation gain is 129m.
The approximate time for the ascent is 0h23. The trail is rated of difficulty E.

The Maccagno Pass is one of the two access points to the Vogna Valley from Gressoney (the other is the Valdobbiola Pass, where the Sottile Hospice is located, which can be reached via Trail 11). It can be reached in a short time from the trivet of Trail 12, heading to Loo Pass, from which you can also reach Lazoney Pass via Trail 12C.

The 12B is a very short trail: it cuts across the Loo valley to the base of the wall on which the pass is located, and climbs up following the trail (which is not immediately visible at first in some places). Although the trail is rated E difficulty, there are short rocky sections towards the end on which one must proceed carefully.

Having arrived at the pass, you will undoubtedly be curious about what this “3km Napoleonic Bridge” that is announced by an inscription on the rock looks like: you can see it at this link. Above a boulder is the date 1767 engraved in the rock: this gives an idea of how old this route is.