Valley of the Princes (2150m), trail 11B

from junction at 1’570m to the Valley of the Princes/Bronne
(Continuation for Corno Rosso/Punta Carestia)

The valley of the princes

The valley of the princes

Trail 11B starts from the junction at an elevation of 1570m (which is along Trail 11 to Valdobbia Pass) and reaches the Valley of the Princes (2150m) (from which you can reach Bronne Alp (2239m), the official end of the trail). It is 3776m long and the total positive elevation gain is 703m.
The approximate time for the ascent is 2h10. The trail is rated of difficulty E.

The Valley Of The Princes (it’s not clear why it’s called that, but I like to imagine Queen Margaret sitting on a tablecloth with a picnic basket and her princely little children around her) is a charming grassy clearing that lies practically at the end of Trail 11B, furrowed by a stream that forms placid pools in which in summer the more cold-hardy can happily plunge. Compared to the Savoy Castle, it is exactly on the opposite slope-that’s why it was probably a favorite destination for easy trips below the high altitudes to which the queen normally liked to go.

The trail is very visible because it is quite popular: the picturesque name of the destination certainly has a part in this.

Two notes regarding the indicated route: officially, the trail does not start from the bottom of the valley, but from a junction that is encountered at 1570 meters, after about 20 minutes from the start, ascending along Trail 11 (which leads to the Ospizio Sottile hut).

Still officially, the trail ends at Bronne Alp (2239m), which is just above Princes Valley (which remains the main destination for the vast majority of hikers). From here one can continue to reach, with a physical and technical commitment of a decidedly different level, Corno Rosso or Punta Carestia (2979m), Tälléspétz (2455m) and Ròthòre or Punta rossa (2747m).