Loo Pass (2415m), trail 12

from Loomatto to the Loo pass

At the Loo Pass, looking down into the valley.

At the Loo Pass, looking down into the valley.

Trail 12 starts from Loomatto and arrives at Loo Pass (2415m). It is 8234m long and the total positive elevation gain is 1114m.
The approximate time for the climb is 3h24. The trail is rated of difficulty E.

This trail runs the entire length of the wide Loo valley: it is one of the most beautiful routes in the valley for those who like long, not excessively steep trails.

Precisely because of its gentleness and width, the gorge was until not too many years ago intensively exploited for grazing: this is evidenced by the considerable number of buildings encountered along the way. Please note: “Loo” is a local place name, which has nothing to do with the English meaning of the term! The main settlement is in Upper Loo (“Obre Lòo”), where a few years ago one of the huts was renovated to become the Bléckéné farmhouse, a quaint refreshment spot where you can take a well-deserved break before tackling the last part of the trail (or on the way back).

Just before reaching the Colle di Loo (which connects the Lys Valley to Valsesia), you pass a large marker point, from which short trails branch off to the Maccagno Pass (trail 12B) and to the Lazoney Pass (trail 12C). When you arrive at the Loo Pass, you can continue until you climb to the summit at Lazoney Peak (2579m) along a short but challenging path composed of sparse cairns and vague passing tracks. More advisable instead is to go to the Lazoney Pass by taking the trail 12C, go up from there to Lazoney Point (there is no path from this direction as well, but there are numerous cairns indicating the way to go) and then descend to Loo Pass, from where you then return to the valley along path 12. In fact, the ascent to Punta Lazoney is described in the 12C trail sheet.