Frudière pass (2271m), trail 1

from Zer Trino to Frudière Pass

Frudière Lake Superior, with Frudière Pass behind it

Frudière Lake Superior, with Frudière Pass behind it

Trail 1 starts from the hamlet of Zer Trino and reaches Frudière pass (2271m). It is 3979m long and the total positive elevation gain is 1011m.
The approximate time for the ascent is 2h59. The trail is rated of difficulty E.

From Frudière pass, the very nearby Upper Frudière Lake (2240m) is immediately visible , divided by about 200m in elevation from its sibling Lower Lake (2000m) . In fact, this trail is also commonly known as“the Frudière Lakes Trail.” If you wish, in about twenty minutes you can also reach the Lower Lake by following for a stretch the Val D’Ayas Trail 9 from the pass.

The sign

The “Trino” sign on the stadel at the trailhead

Trail 1 starts from one of the first hamlets encountered after crossing the bridge over the Lys at Pont Trenta, on the bend beyond which the Gressoney-Saint-Jean esplanade begins. Zer Trino is a tiny cluster of houses gathered around a small church, also recognizable by the old Walser stadel located there, perfectly preserved with its characteristic mushroom supports.

The trail to Frudière pass can be divided into three parts. The first section, gentle and straight, reaches the Rong huts. From Rong starts the second part, which begins by climbing very steeply into the forest, and ends by cutting through some stony ground now in the open. It is at the beginning of the third part that we finally see the destination of the route: we enter the middle of the Forca gorge (named after the stream that runs through it), a rugged but varied, rather rocky gully that we traverse to its culmination at Frudière Pass.

As the lowest-lying trail of all, trail number 1 is the one that clears snow most quickly as the winter season ends: from mid-May onward you can normally reach the pass without having to deal with snowshoes.