Garda Pass (2314m), trail 1C

from Weismatten to Colle della Garda

The cairn at Pra Bianco Pass

The cairn at Pra Bianco Pass

Trail 1C starts from Weismatten and arrives at the Garda Pass (2314m). It is 1808m long and the total positive elevation gain is 283m.
The approximate time for the ascent is 0h47. The trail is rated of difficulty E.

Trail 1C is an interesting alternative to get to the Gombetta Lake basin without going through Trail 3A to Punta della Regina. From the Pra Bianco/Wissomatto hut, you cross a flowery plateau until you reach a scree above which, with very little effort, you reach the small Pra Bianco Pass (2331m), a balcony from which the entire ascent path of the Trail 3A from Lake Gombetta to Punta della Regina. From the pass, it is 300 meters downhill to the Garda Pass (2280m), point at which we rejoin the 3A trail .

Just a few meters before reaching the Col you intercept the challenging 1B trail that leads to the Taf Collet (passing through the Rena, Taille and Taf mountains). When you reach the Garda Pass, you can continue to Punta della Regina along Trail 3A, or to the Ranzola Pass along Trail 3B, or simply return to Weismatten by following Trail 3A in the direction of Gombetta Lake.