Valdobbiola Pass (2635m), trail 9A

from Schenébiel to Valdobbiola pass

The memorial stone with date 1767 at Valdobbiola Pass, 2636m

The memorial stone with date 1767 at Valdobbiola Pass, 2636m

Trail 9A starts from Schenébiel and arrives at Valdobbiola Pass (2635m). It is 1603m long and the total positive elevation gain is 318m.
The approximate time for the climb is 0h58. The trail is rated EE difficulty.

The Valdobbiola and Alpetto passes are located at the end of a valley above the hamlet of Rong that forks in a Y shape, culminating in these two passes that are separated from each other by the long rocky spur of the Cresta Rossa (2986m)

They are both little-used passes from ancient times, because to get to Valsesia it was much more convenient to go over the Valdobbia Pass along Trail 11.

The path up to the two passes is number 9, at first in common between the two destinations: having reached the hut of Schenébiel (2318 meters), Trail 9 continues to the left and leads to Alpetto Pass, while the short Trail 9A, which is described on this page, starts to the right.

For directions to the Schenébiel hut, read the page on Trail 9.

Both 9 and 9A are almost always well-traveled but very little-used trails: the little valley of Valdobbiola is very isolated, cramped and precipitous, and the feeling of openness you get as soon as you get to Valdobbiola Pass, which, on the other hand, is very wide, is remarkable. There is a memorial stone there with a date of 1767, identical to the one found at the Valdobbia Pass (which can be reached from Valdobbiola via a direct trail-not yet described on this site-which is part of the Valsesian trails).

From Valdobbiola Pass you can continue towards the Cresta Rossa following the Valsesia Trail 1B, ascending to a vent at 2860m, from which you can descend to Alpetto Pass, and from there continue downhill to Schenébiel, from where you return on Trail 9 of the outward journey. The connection between the two passes is nontrivial, although well marked: you have to know your way around steep, crumbling slopes.